Crónicas del Estallido

On October 18th, 2019, the biggest social explosion in Chile's recent history began and from its shockwave emerged Crónicas del Estallido, a collaborative card game in timeline format that helps to understand a context that the country has been dragging on since the Pinochet dictatorship.


The spark came from the price of public transport. Secondary school students began to demonstrate in metro stations. The government criminalised this movement and the whole of society rebelled in anger. It was not a one-day rage. It was a rebellion that had been brewing for thirty years. In those intense days, the Fractal Juegos collective wondered what they could contribute from the world they knew well, that of board games. The answer was: to help and process everything that was happening.

Currently, Chile is involved in a constituent process, since the country's constitution was imposed during the civil-military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and does not guarantee social rights but allows the market to regulate them, instead of the State. During the years of dictatorship (1973-1990), there was a systematic violation of human rights, with nearly 30,000 victims of both political imprisonment and torture, and more than 3,000 executed or disappeared. These are wounds that have not yet healed. The country has several parallel systems of education, health or pensions, which are of different quality and access to which is determined by purchasing power. Inequality is extreme, and most of the population has to get into debt to survive.

Crónicas del Estallido, a free downloadable game, is inspired by a concept of social memory and compiles the events that took place from the weeks before the outbreak to the first days of March 2020. Tragic and violent events coexist with artistic, cultural and even comic ones. Since social memory is related to subjectivities and power, the game asks: who writes history?

The creative process of the game was opened to the public, so that people outside Fractal Juegos could illustrate some of the letters, which caused the project to take on a life of its own. There was no art direction. Somehow the project addressed itself.

Fractal Juegos

Fractal is a Chilean publishing house that has been in existence for more than three years. It is mainly dedicated to locating foreign games in Spanish, although it has also ventured into publishing original titles, such as Memoria Oculta, a game designed exclusively for use in the classroom, which has been developed together with the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and the Goethe Institut, which aims to re-signify the city through the work of memory; Corruptia, a strategic game that ironically portrays Chilean representatives in parliament and their questionable way of working; or Tough Calls: Dystopia, a narrative and argumentative game set in a series of post-apocalyptic scenarios ranging from an alien invasion, the attack of colossal beasts that have emerged from the depths of the sea, or even a drought that has almost completely desertified the planet, transforming water into the most valuable resource.

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