Feminismos Reunidos

Sangre Fucsia is a feminist podcast that in October 2016 decided to do a micro-patronage campaign to make a feminist trivia, they asked for 4,000 euros. They got an overwhelming response by raising more than 70,000 euros, which led them to print a total of 7,500 copies.

For them, achieving the goal was to print 500 sets in black and white but they ended up printing 3,500 in excellent quality. They did this in their free time, as activists, and at times felt overwhelmed by this great success.

They created a question and answer board game about feminist thought and practice, women's history, sexual diversity, culture in women or activism which they called Feminismos reunidos. La revolución comienza en tu salón. It is not a game, as other games might be trivial, to boast of wisdom but to learn and have fun collectively because, as the authors of the game say, "the struggle begins by playing".

The trivial is a classic and well-known format, although the creators were inspired by the game ¿Quién sabe Marx? published by the Basque Communist Party to create Feminismos reunidos. It is not the first feminist trivia game to be made in Spain, one had previously been made in Galicia and another in the Basque Country.

The experience gave them back a love-hate for crowdfunding, the most common financing way of board games. What seems simple really requires a lot of dedication, both in planning and promotion, as well as in the process of production and sending of the copies. In addition to sponsors, subsequent editions of Feminismos reunidos have been sold in bookshops. Doing this campaign has been a rollercoaster of emotions for them, which they have overcome thanks to their cohesion as a group.

The unexpected impact of the game has helped them to realise that feminism is interesting, and not on a superficial level. They have also found that it has more room in the media than it seems.

Sangre Fucsia

The radio programme Sangre Fucsia was born in Madrid in February 2013. It was started by a group of women who came from other radio projects. The intention of this space is not to do feminist pedagogy but to talk about topics that interest them by applying a feminist perspective. It is agile, fun, exciting and surprising. At first it was formed by six people: Doña Pasolina, Lolli DJ, Dianespotting, Gaelx, Reinohueco and Valentina but in the last programme of the season that ended in July 2020, number 200, Dianespotting and Doña Pasolina said goodbye.

They are part of the free and self-managed radio station Ágora Sol Radio, which was born in the heat of 15M and broadcasts live on Fridays from 20 to 21 h. through its waves, from the radio studio in the Kasa Pública de Mujeres Eskalera Karakola, a reference transfeminist space in Madrid since 1996.



The Festival will have a private encounter using the Hackcamp format for a total of 30 people as well as a series of public conferences.

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