Xogo do Mancomún

The Xogo do Mancomún is an educational proposal by the Galician group Montenoso to make known what the mancomún is and how it is managed. It consists of a giant panel that is divided into pieces as a puzzle, and a small instruction booklet.

It is designed for a group of people to play and organize the panel together. The booklet proposes a simple way of playing, thought in principle for students of Primary and Secondary Education, but the project is open to collaborations in which to develop other game mechanics.

In Galicia there is a large amount of communal land. Among them, there are about 2,800 montes vecinales en man común (CMVMC), neighbourhood mounts in common hand, that is to say, in common hands of neighbours and their communities. These territories occupy 30% of the surface area of Galicia and are managed by more than 150,000 community members. The neighbourhood woodland that is exploited by the community is a key element of Galician culture that has gradually been dismantled and has been under threat of dismantling for years. Despite this, it continues to be a living and self-managed element by thousands of people who watch over the sustainability and biodiversity of the territory. It is a tangible example of working for a common good without any tutelage or dependence on the administration. This game serves to think about this wealth, define it, shape it, strengthen it and defend it.

The game was exhibited and played at the MARCO Museum in Vigo, with whose support it was developed, and then moved to a public library in the city.


Montenoso is an activist community born in 2010 that hosts other communities, entities and people with the aim of making visible and dynamic the comunidades dos montes vecinales en man común (CMVMC), communities of neighbouring mountains in common hand, in Galicia. The collective approaches the CMVMC from the research on the rural commons, collective architectures, rural agitation and digital communication.

Amongst the projects they are developing is a research group, the Lar de investigación comunal, which has promoted a wiki about the common and neighbourhood mountains and opinion articles; an online platform and webdoc which allows communication between the different communities and comuneiros and comuneiras; visits to the MVMC, which they call "cos pés na terra", to get to know the comuneiros and comuneiras and their territory, and an art installation entitled Xeografías do mancomún which formed part of the exhibition Os Veraneantes at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo.



The Festival will have a private encounter using the Hackcamp format for a total of 30 people as well as a series of public conferences.

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